Sep 5, 2007

Free Photo Web Albums - Of People You know

Here are links to families' and friends' sites who are using Picasaweb, Flickr, and Photobucket to make their photos available online at no cost. These links are also on the right hand side of this page. If your link is not here, please send it to us. Also, if you need help setting up one of those services, please contact us. Currently we like Flickr and Picasaweb.


Anjani - Roup's Cuz
Bryan - Roup's Friend
Hilla - Roup's Friend
Jeetu - Roup's Cuz
Michelle - Roup's Friend
Sabina - Navita Cuz
Savitri - Roup's Friend


7Foot - Roup's Friend
Franky - Roup's Cuz


Samantha - Roup's Niece

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Anonymous said...

spelling error: right had side instead of right hand side.

here you can find some photos of Guyana

best of luck with your blog.